About Meteorite knives

Magnus Jönsson

To forge is since many year a big passion, I burn for it and I always keep searching for new challenges.

One of the most challenging materials that I have worked with is iron meteorite. We have an unique place in the northern Sweden called Muonionalusta that was impacted by meteorites for approximately 800.000 years ago. Muonionalusta meteorite is both beautiful and exclusive and it is very difficult to get.

One of the advantages of being autodidact is that I have developed through the years a lot of tenacity and patience. I have to keep trying until I obtain the wanted result. This excercise helped me a lot when I started to forge the iron meteorite.  There is not much written information about this material end even less blacksmiths that are able to handle it.

I began to forge when I was in my early twenties and since then I have tried almost all the techniques in the profession. To forge knives kept me interested. To keep working with different kind of steels, forgewelding, creating different damascus pattern, heat-treating to get the steels properties are indeed challenges that never end to fascinate me. They intrigue my curiosity, still after all these years.

I work as well with different kind of carbons steel, low alloyed tools steel, steel powder and stainless steel sometimes. When I combine different techniques like damascus patterns, mosaic, meteorite damascus and steel powder gives me endless possibilities to produce exquisite objects and knives blades.

The future is uncertain, you never know what is going to happen but as long as I have the possibility I will keep searching for new opportunities that challenge my profession. I have as a personal goal: to keep growing as a person, as a craftsman, designer and blacksmith.

I have received many visitor at my workshop by the years from Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Faroe Islands, Australia, Czech Republic, France and other countries and I have shipped many objects around the world.

After all these years of hard work it feels more and more stimulating and rewarding and I really hope that I can keep forging for many years to come!